How Would I Spend $1 Million Dollars plus $5000 Every Week for Life?

Thanks to Publishers Clearing House for sponsoring today’s discussion!


Where would you go or what would you do if you won the $1 Million plus $5000 every week for life Mega Prize? That’s right, Publishers Clearing House is at it again where you could have the chance to win $1 Million plus $5000 every week for life in their June 30th event. The Mega Prize is beyond fantastic because not only would the winner receive $1 Million, but the winner would also receive a check for $5000 every week for the rest of their life!  I think that’s a prize worth winning!

Wow, what fun things could I do with $1 Million? *daydream sequence begins*  I could go to Australia to go zorbing.  I could travel the world to make it a mission to find every single geocache out there! I could spend the rest of my life doing random acts of kindness for people who need it and aren’t expecting it.  I could make substantial donations to some amazing charities and conservation organizations.  Oh!  I could visit the Giraffe Hotel!!!

There are so many things I could do, and honestly, I think I would do them all if I won one millon dollars.  Along with all of these things I would make our cozy little home school mobile.  We would travel the world learning about different cultures, getting to know local people and seeing the sights of the world. How about Madagascar!  I would love to teach my kids about all of the fantastic animals who make their home there while we are there up front!  It would be amazing!


Check out Publishers Clearing House to enter for your chance to win the $1 Million plus $5000 every week for life Mega Prize!

If you won $1 Million, what where would you go or what would you do?  

Let’s hear it in the comments!  Please share your ideas!


  1. Rudolpho Roybal says

    let me tell u how i would spend $1million plus $5000.00 per week, i would take a good over due vacation, i would pay off my home n my cadillac, i would donate money to my church, i would donate money to feed the hungry, i would donate money to help all the children with disabilities, i would get my house fixed ie; landscape,have a waterfall installed, i would go see Dr.Bosley n get hair on my head, i would payoff my daughters home n help all my grand kids plus my great grand kids, n my brothers n sisters so that they won’t be struggleing n just enjoy lif to the fullest, n would purchase the cemetary where my mother n my father n my son are buried n have the cemetary taken care of ie: keeping it clean n well maintained plus i would do alot more with the money let me tell ya, i really hope that i’am the lucky winner. that is what i would do. thank you kindly n God Bless you all.

    • says

      Now you have some fantastic ideas! I love that you would take care of your family, and I mean your ENTIRE family! I really like the idea of buying the cemetery where family is buried. It always makes me sad to find old run down cemeteries and I wonder who is in charge. There is so much beauty and so many memories held in a cemetery and it’s only right that it is maintained and respected. You’ve got a good head on your shoulders, thank you :)

  2. Carmela Tusay says

    First i would give to our church and our favorite charities. Then to our children and grandchildren, and sister and her family and brother and his family. Some of my close friends. Buy a new car and house.
    Invest and enjoy the rest of our lives.

    • says

      Charities is something that always makes me nervous, lol. There are sooooo many amazing charities out there, I would want to give to ALL of them! It would be a difficult decision for me to decide how much to give each one, because I would probably want to give a huge chunk to each one. Investing is a great idea. I’m pretty dumb when it comes to finding the right investment, so glad my husband has a better grasp of that then I do. He helps me out a lot.

  3. brenda young says

    I would find a family and buy them a house .I would make sure my grand kids go to college. I have a daughter who was air force and she has 3 m degree and I am very proud of her and now it’s my time to live .And try to get on a plane I am scared of planes but if I win I will find away to fly.

    • says

      You know, I was a bit nervous the first time I flew and then I realized, it’s not really that bad. The flight is smooth, it’s beautiful scenary and the scariest part is how little space they give you for the flight, lol. I love that you would make sure your family is taken care of, that’s an important thing I would do too. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Mary M. VanBuskirk says

    ever one tell me i will not win i said yes i will been trying for years and it be me one day i know i pray i can win soon.

  5. says


  6. deborah eckelhoff says

    I would like to win win. If I win I would pay bills .And pay off loans also. I’am not working and hard to pay bills. My husband is not working either. So that why I need to win.

  7. Roma Sue Noffsinger says

    The first thing I would do is Celebrate..Then pay Taxes on my Wining..Then Pay all my Debt’s or Bill’s..Then Pay Off my Home ..Finish Remodeling my Home & Finish Going Green,it would Help out the World..Then I would Help out my Family..Then Make all my Wishes and Dream’s come true..

  8. Sergio says

    I am already celebrating and excited. yeiiiiiiiiiiiii! I know i will win and i am going to pay uncle Sam first, then i am going to donate 10% to different types of charities every week. Help a lot of families in need. I am going to help my family. Invest. I will buy my self a house a car. I am so happy and grateful that i am a winner :)

  9. says

    Susan Vanorden If I won I would buy me some teeth New Cadliac Build a new home Help my family And pay my bills off I don’T now what I worked 30 yrs for I have a hard time. Thanks For Listening To me.

  10. Marian Youngblood says

    If I win I would pay off all my debts,help my family and give money to my church. I like travelingand would see this beautiful world.

    • says

      i would help other thats is in need, also i would help the homeless, and my frmily.then i would paid all my bills,and get me a new home and a new car,and also give donate money to a few church in town that i know could use it.also would like to help out kids that is in need.

  11. says

    I would pay off all my debts and take a well deserved vacation. I have a lot of family members who needs financial assistance, my church and last but not least give large donations to researches in Diabetes, heart and arthritist- all of which I suffer from.


    I would love to win and could and would do so much.I hope it is me,I have changed my life around for the better.GOD WILL CHOOSE ME IF HE FEELS IT SHOULD BE ME.GOD BLESS AND GOOD LUCK TO US ALL

    • says

      i would take a trip to alaska,i always wanted to go, would paid all by bills off, buy a new car, and buy a new home.i would buy a new truck for a friend,i would help all my 3 sons and there kids so they could enjoy life some,i would help my family. i have 1 sister pass a way, and i would help the two girls and 1 boy all i could the boy father also as pass away lost his father be for he was even bone and he was oney 4 years old when he lose his mother.i would buy them a home and new car.and give some money to each they could enjoy life some too. i would help the homeless and help kids that are sick.if god bless me i want to give back to other that need help also.

  13. Bernice Hollingsworth says

    If,I were to win $1 MILLION plus $5,000.00 a week for life.The first thing,I would do is take PCH out to a very nice dinner my way of saying thank you for picking me.I would go on a real vacation with my sons and grandkids.Pay all my bills, give money to the cancer research center.Buy me my very first car.Built me a home out in the country.Buy my self a new laptop.Give money to my sons and a lot of other things.I would be so happy if,I won.But it is up to the good lord if he wants me to win.I wish everyone good luck =)

  14. says

    I would pay off my kids homes so that they would never have to worry abut being homeless….my son has been laid off work with att a number of times and has no savings to help if it happend again. I would pay off my daughters home so that she might be able to spend time with her girls before they are all grown up and out on their on…she works so hard to keep life good for them. I would take my husband who has been an angel to three older ladies that have no one to help them…his Aunt in nursing home for ten years, my mom who has lost her drivers license and his mom who is in assisted living ( a trip of relaxing and fun )… I have sat and waited for PCH to show up at our home for a lot of years now… I justy always thought it could happen to us!!

  15. Christian wymer says

    I have no home, so that would be my first priority, a place to live and call home would be so awesome. Then i suppose i would furnish my new place with all the things normal people would have in their homes. I would then, after getting myself situated would take a vacation of some sort. Does no matter where,have never been on a real vacation. I would love to start a charity to help homeless people who have never had a chance at a normal life because i would never wish this on my worst enemy and to help others get back on their feet after coming into so much myself would only seem right.
    Not going to hold my breath though, I’ve never been a lucky person but it’s always nice to dream

    • says

      my first thing i would do is look for land to put a new home on, then i would get water put in,and power for lights and others so on that need in to get home all set up the way i would like and want.then i would go buy me a new car as i don’t have one.i would like a good vacation just to get away from it all.i would love to help my mother more she doesn’t have much,but always there for me and others, she is 82 now and i would like to give back to her for all she as done for me in her life time ,and went with out her self.and would like to help the dogs & cats that is homeless,and the people that is homeless, no one should have to live that way more people need to care about others, and if i’m the blessed one i will get this done.

  16. says

    you said that one right! Living a sunshine line and that’s what winning the Super Prize from PCH brings a little ray of sunshine into people’s lives! Love them post and the design. I would love to win the Super Prize so I do not have to live on my husbands social security for the restaurant in line with our granddaughter. Pinching and scrimping on everything we do has come to be a habit with me. Nothing wrong with it, but when I buy my clothes in a thrift store and buy theirs in a name brand store something seems to be wrong with that. It’s okay because I have found several good deals and they look just like noon so I don’t complain and I am happy. A little ray of sunshine would not hurt anybody, but it is also a blessing and one that I look forward to.

  17. says

    If I won 1 Million Dollars and $5,000 a week for life! I would not buy all the toys and gadgets that many have gone broke in having. I would live my life exactly as I do now. I would help others some way or another by private donation. I would not let anyone know it was me that won that kind of money. I would not glorify the way my life would surely change on its own with money like that. I would first thank God for making this happen. Second I would cry and third I would be so nervous to even move let alone spend it on everything. I may start a veterans outreach center, funded solely by me. May even start a program that would invest money for those less fortunate and when the money matured enough for them to use change someone else’s life.

  18. Lisa Holland says

    If I won, I would love to buy a new home, pay for kids college tuition, pay off bills and pay it forward by working with spinal injury patients and supporting our troops via WWP, and USO

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