Simple Bad Hair Day Rescue Tips for the Desperate

Aflac logo

The other day I was watching the new Duck Salon video from Aflac and it got me thinking about my own bad hair days. Admit it, you have them too. If you don’t, I’m extremely jealous because mine always hit me at the worst possible moment! I would love to wake up one day and walk out the door without spending a moment on my hair.

I love this video, the Aflac Duck is trying his hand at hairstyling and he may not have found his ideal career yet, check it out.

#Ad Fantastic Four Family Fun Friday Night

Fantastic Four Friday Night with Tyson

Are you excited for the Fantastic Four to come out on August 7th?

We are and I’m getting a bit antsy waiting. I just can’t sit still. It’s like I have to do something to celebrate. So, I decided we’re going to have a Fantastic Four family fun Friday night!

Four fun activities all related to the number four. It’s not the same as sitting in the theater watching Fantastic Four, well, as much as I can imagine what it will be like, but it will do and we had a lot of fun celebrating!

Step Up Your Bathroom Upkeep with this Complete DIY Scrub Tote

Scrubbing Bubbles Cleaning Tote

It’s that time again. I used to dread it; the unorganized mess of cleaning supplies strewn throughout the house. I had to scramble to find the rags I needed, nothing was in its place. I swear, I made more of a mess searching for what I needed than actually doing the cleaning. Not to mention I exerted so much energy gathering all of my supplies I was already over cleaning the bathroom before it began.